Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Peace and security

Life is a moment by moment gift that completely depends on the Giver. Recent threats to our economic prosperity are but the latest concern on a trail that reaches all the way back to the exodus from Eden. Growing up in the 50s I remember many sermons warning about the threat of world domination by communism. I thought then that I might not live to see my 50th year. I am sorry to say I have spent too many days since then being anxious about my well being. I'm not doing that so much lately. Whether it's because of age, or health concerns, or resignation--even while politics polarize and my retirement funds plunge with the Dow--I'm enjoying more peace. I pray it's because of growth spiritually. I've been trying to memorize and meditate on Romans 8. Just the other day I read about the martyrdom of the apostle Paul. There is a tradition that says when he was condemned to death by the Roman Emperor someone cried out, "There will come a time when Christians will name their sons Paul and their dogs Nero!" I don't have a dog, but that's a good name for one. It's always too early to worry and it's never too late to trust God.

, you will give perfect peace
to anyone who commits himself to be faithful to you."
New International Reader's Version. 1998 (1st ed.) (Is 26:3). Zondervan.


Aaron said...

What a great first post! I (and our nation) need that same peace. Keep up the good words...

Ben McClary said...

Thanks for your perspective and wisdom, dad! I'm so glad that you're blogging. Think of it as mentoring hundreds of people at once. :) I love you.